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Package: Black Belt
Total Package Fee: $995
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Certified Six Sigma Black Belts are skilled leaders who understand how to effectively create change and improve business processes which exceed customer expectations.

The Black Belt student studies the 5 phases of Six Sigma: Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control (DMAIC) in detail, learns statistics, Six Sigma tools and techniques, as well as their proper application.  Cornerstone Six Sigma Consulting will teach you the skills to:

  • Lead Six Sigma projects
  • Act as a change agent
  • Understand customer requirements
  • Provide teams with ongoing support and leadership
  • Understand how to use Six Sigma tools and techniques 
  • Effectively analyze data
  • Identify how to select projects and project team members
  • Improve the performance of processes
  • Sustain the process improvements
  • Mentor and coach Green Belts and project teams

 The Certification Process includes:

  • Complete the training
  • Passing score (70%) on all online exams
  • Complete Black Belt project within 1 year (you do not need a sponsorship for the project).

An extension on the course can be granted if needed. 

After successfully completing the course, we will mail you a Letter of Acknowledgement (which outlines the skills you have learned and demonstrated) and the Certification (which is issued by Cornerstone Six Sigma Consulting and is suitable for framing).  Students often use the Letter of Acknowledgement to show their employers what they have accomplished.


You need to complete all the courses and lessons in order to complete this course package.
Course 1: Black Belt 1- Introduction and Define Phase
  • Syllabus - Introduction
  • Overview
  • The History of Quality
  • Introduction to Quality
  • Six Sigma Fundamentals
  • Customer Focus
  • Syllabus - Define Phase
  • Variables
  • Project CTQs
  • Project Selection
  • Project Charter
  • Process Map
  • Cause and Effect Diagram
  • Define Check List
  • Course 2: Black Belt 2 - Measure Phase
  • Syllabus Measure Phase
  • Project Y
  • Project Y Performance Standards
  • Scales of Measurement
  • Statistical Distributions
  • Opportunities for Defects
  • Data Collection
  • Operational Definitions Worksheet
  • Data Collection Planning Worksheet
  • Measurement Error
  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Additional Statistics
  • Z Table and Sigma Conversion Chart
  • Six Sigma Statistics
  • Process Metrics
  • Improvement Goal for Project Y
  • Measure Phase Deliverables and Check List
  • Course 3: Black Belt 3 - Analyze Phase
  • Syllabus Analyze Phase
  • Failure Modes and Effects Analysis
  • Diagnostic Tools
  • Hypotheses Testing
  • Continuous Decision Tools
  • Decision Tools for Discrete Data
  • Process and Cycle Time Analyses
  • Prioritized List of All Xs
  • List of Vital Few Xs
  • Quantified Financial Opportunity
  • Analyze Phase Deliverables and Check List
  • Course 4: Black Belt 4 - Improve Phase
  • Create the Future State
  • Syllabus Improve Phase
  • Improve Phase
  • Proposed Solution
  • Mistake Proofing
  • Piloted Solution
  • Improve Phase Deliverables and Check List
  • Impact Effort Matrix
  • Criteria or Decision Matrix
  • Course 5: Black Belt 5 - Control Phase
  • Syllabus Control Phase
  • Sustaining the Solution
  • Project Documentation
  • Translation Opportunities

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